• Motors for Fan Coil Units, Split Evaporators, Ductible Split Evaporators, Split Condenser Units and Water Coolers/Deep Freezers brought to you by the pioneers in the HVAC industry.

  • Product Range includes 'D' Models (T200 series), 'C' Models (C-Type), 'B' Models (T23 series) and 'H' Models (H-Type)

  • Aluminium Extruded Body For Long Life.

  • Thermal Overload Protection 

  • Dynamic Rotor Balancing 

  • Trouble-Free & Silent Operation

  • Heavy Duty Bearing System

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The Development of Danfoss Sight Glasses is the result of extensive research carried out by Danfoss's own experts on refrigerants, and their ability to absorb moisture. Danfoss offer two different types of sight glass, each adapted to the dynamics of the different refrigerants and oils (SGN and SGI). Both offer reliable indication as to the humidity of the refrigerant. Moisture indication is the optimum method of preventing the creation of acids and alcohols, and thus protecting the system from damage.




Constant testing during all phases of manufacture, ensure that these valves are of unsurpassed quality. Every valve is tested for internal and externel gas tightness/operation and electrical characteristics. Continuous research and development ensure that each generation of valve is an improvement of the last. Only the best materials, all 100% tested, are used in the manufacture of these valves, ensuring that each valve is capable of  a minimum of 300,000 cycles.

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Compressors For:

Air Conditioners


Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial Refrigeration

Condensing Unit



SRF, the market leader in Flourochemicals, has kept flying high the group's rich tradition with products of the highest quality. FLORON, the most well-known brand name of SRF, has customers who would vouch for the excellent quality of FLORON refrigerant gases.



  • FLORON 11

  • FLORON12

  • FLORON22

  • FLORON 134a

  • FLORON 404a

  • FLORON 23

  • FLORON 407c

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