VOLGA FREEZE a most trusted name in Refrigeration, Air conditioning, Instrumentation and controls since 1967, in Gujarat and Indian market.

Basically the company is a Distributors and Dealers for various leading and trusted products in A/c & Refrigeration market all over the world. 

We are fully organized company provides genuine spares.

We are the Distributors in Gujarat For

  1. Marathon Electric Motors India Ltd. For their FHP motors. Also GP Motors, Three Phase Motors and Exhaust Fans are available in full range. Marathon the worldwide company through their plant of Faridabad they provide best quality motors for all application.

  2. We also are the Distributor in  Gujarat for Danfoss Industries Pvt. Ltd. For their R A Controls and FHP Compressors . DANFOSS is a worldwide company provides best quality controls and all other products. Expansion valve, solenoid valves, Driers, Pressure temperature  switches, KVC, KVP regulators and other thousands of products are there.

  3. We are ATP ( Authorised "TECUMSEH" ) for their commercial Refrigeration application, compressors and condensing units. Also complete range of hermatic and rotary compressors are available.

  4. We are Distributor for SRF Ltd. For their HFC, HCFC refrigerant gases too. SRF Provides the best quality 99.9% super pure refrigerant gases like F-22, F-134a, F-404a, F-23 & recently coming F-407 and F-410 etc.

  5. We are distributer for Gujarat for Rothenburger India Pvt. Ltd. A German Based Company providing the best quality tools like Charging Station, Recovery Station, Flaring tools and all the tools applicable in AC & R Industry.